Serve our Saviour 


Thank you for expressing interest in serving our Saviour here at Fraser Coast Baptist Church. We truly believe that in order for a believer to mature in their faith, they should be actively serving in the local church. We commend you for taking this next level of your faith in your relationship with Jesus Christ.


Register for a blue card

It is highly recommended that you register for a voluntary blue card in order to legally work with children. You might say that you have no intention to work with children at all and that is fine. However, as the church grows, it is better to make sure that all volunteers have blue cards, rather than having to worry about who does or doesn’t.  Blue card applications are available at: 
If you prefer a printed copy to submit, then please ask one of the leadership for a copy.

Minister in the Sunday church service

There are a number of ways you can minister in the service each Sunday or even for a certain amount of services each month/year. The choice is totally up to you! For a list of ways to help out, see the reverse side.


Help out the body of Christ

Another alternative in serving our Saviour is by helping out the body of Christ outside of a worship service. There are a number of ministries that occur on a Sunday that are not specifically in the service and there are a number of ways to help out fellow believers during the week. For a list of ways to help out, see the reverse side and speak to someone in leadership if there are any opportunities you would like more information about.


Join a ministry

If there is a ministry in the church that you are interested in joining, feel free to speak to the leader of that ministry to express interest in serving or simply for more information.


Start a ministry

We at Fraser Coast Baptist Church want to allow the imaginations of the congregation to run wild, which hopefully would result in more ways to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and help in making disciples for His Kingdom. If you have an idea for a ministry that the church does not currently have and you feel called by God to start it but need help in doing it, please feel free to speak to the leadership. It would be expected that you would be a member of the church and your idea would be accompanied by an objective, planning and the resources needed to start the new ministry. Please note that every request will be considered but may not be fulfilled.


Volunteer in a local charity/cause

There are numerous ministries in the local area that are not necessarily connected by a particular church but it needs the help of the local church, not only financially but also with labourers. Fraser Coast Baptist Church strongly encourages members of the congregation to help out in a local charity or cause, representing the Church as you serve. The goal in giving of your time in this way would be to preach the gospel to those you are serving and invite them to church so their faith can be matured.


Opportunities to Minister IN the Service

  • Read Scripture as preparation for the morning’s sermon
  • Join the Guest Services team
  • Special item
    1. Singing
    2. Instrumental
    3. Poem
    4. Drama performance
    5. Other
  • Offering collection
  • Corporate Prayer host – praying after the congregation’s prayer requests and testimonies have been heard.
  • Communion steward
  • Join the Sound Tech team
  • Videographer (number of options available)
    1. make a video as a segue into a song e.g. background of hymn
    2. collate funny videos for an alternative way to starting a service
    3. research/design videos for sermon series
    4. implement/manage a livestream of the service
  • Stage designer for special events/services e.g. Easter, Christmas, etc.


Opportunities to Minister OUTSIDE the Service

  • Morning tea helper
  • Creche supervisor
  • Sunday School teacher/helper
  • After SS supervisor (watching kids play while parents fellowship after service)
  • Social media director
  • Prayer guide compilation
  • Website design/maintenance
  • Child-minder during small groups
  • Join the Visitor Follow-up team. See Cheryl Lowings for more information.
  • Creating a two-minute video from a snippet of a sermon. Please see Pastor Tim if this interests you.