Ready to Level Up Your Faith?


Our church is not a place for spectators! It is a place for team members. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy mum, or a businessman with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our church community. We want church to not just be a place to attend every Sunday but a home to belong to. We also understand that we are all at different stages in our maturity of faith in Christ. The goal though is making sure that we are always willing to allow God to mould us into the image of Christ and that is a life-long process. Remember, we have all been created in the image of God and we are all on a  journey of conforming into the image of Christ. Ultimately, we’ll be perfectly conformed when we are given glorified bodies in Heaven. But while we’re still here on earth, we have a job to do. That job can be summed up in four words: “Level Up Your Faith.” In other words, to mature in Christ and yes, God makes that happen in us through the Holy Spirit but it is our responsibility to allow Him to do it. Therefore, below are six practical ways, which we believe will allow God to conform you closer and closer into the image of Christ. Here’s the goal – to complete all levels of faith every week of your life! We understand that everyone is at different stages in their walk with Christ. Our vision at Fraser Coast Baptist Church is to see every member fulfilling all six levels in their life. As we’ll, Lord willing, be having more and more members join the church, this will be a continuous vision throughout the life of the church. Therefore, the church’s mission is to EXALT the name of Christ, EXHORT one another to keep on levelling up and EQUIP the saints to do the work of the ministry.

Fraser Coast Baptist Church has a passion to see the flock maturing in their journey of becoming more like Christ. Level 1 is obviously beginning that walk by accepting Christ into your heart and getting baptised. However, it doesn’t stop there! We truly believe that in order for a believer to mature in their faith, they should be expressing it on a daily basis and we’ve described ways in which you can do that. Our encouragement for you is to actively live out this level of faith as you come to know Who exactly God is and discover the purpose He has designed for your life. May God bless you in your journey!
This is Level 2 towards maturing in your faith. Now there are many believers who don’t become members of any church. In fact, there are local churches that don’t have any such thing as membership. But here at FCBC, we believe it’s a significant step to take because it’s actually a step of faith that every Christian should pursue in their lives if at all possible.

A commitment to obeying the Great Commission here at Fraser Coast Baptist Church is lived out by entering Level 3 in the quest towards maturing your faith in Christ. We want to be a church that echoes out a  culture of invitation and we are on a mission to build that culture. Some people in church though feel that if people wanted to come to church or get to know Jesus Christ then they would already have done it. But nowadays it takes a brave person to walk into a church building on their own or start a conversation about God with a Christian. This is why building a culture of invitation, alongside a culture of welcome and transformation is vital.


We just don’t want Fraser Coast Baptist Church to be a place to attend each Sunday but more so a home to belong. Welcome to Level 4: Engaging with Others. This is all about connecting with other believers on a regular basis at a home, a coffee shop, restaurant or even a park and this is how we aim to make FCBC a home for you, rather than just a place to attend each week. As the saying goes, circles are better than rows! If you’re not sure what that means, gathering in circles at homes and other places is much more powerful than only gathering in rows on a Sunday. Why? Because this journey that we are walking towards maturing our faith in Christ is hard to do alone – actually it’s virtually impossible. We need each other and that is hopeless to accomplish only in 75-90 minutes a week on Sunday.

Fraser Coast Baptist Church truly believes that in order for a believer to mature in their faith, they should be actively serving in the local church. This is Level 5 and such an important step to take for without volunteers, where would the church be? In fact, the church could not even operate without volunteers willing to put in the time to serve others and serve God. Do you want to serve? If so, we have a place for you. Click on the heading to find out plenty of ways in which you can put up your hand and serve our Saviour.

Welcome to Level 6 of levelling up your faith! This means you are levelling up your faith all the way to the top. Assuming you are actively living out all levels of faith in your life, this tops the cake, figuratively speaking. For some people, this level will be relatively easy to fulfil. For most however, it will be hard but we promise it will be rewarding. The truth is though, giving in abundance or giving generously, will cause your faith to mature so much faster and even more so than any of the other five levels of faith. Don’t believe us? Well, we challenge you to try it!


Have you recently levelled up?

Please let us know by emailing if you have recently levelled up as we may be able to provide additional resources to help you maintain that particular level. Contacting us also helps us measure the spiritual growth of the church, which would encourage us to know that God is transforming hearts through Fraser Coast Baptist Church.