Engage with Others 


We just don’t want Fraser Coast Baptist Church to be a place to attend each Sunday but more so a home to belong. Welcome to Level 4: Engaging with Others. This is all about connecting with other believers on a regular basis at a home, a coffee shop, restaurant or even a park and this is how we aim to make FCBC a home for you, rather than just a place to attend each week. As the saying goes, circles are better than rows! If you’re not sure what that means, gathering in circles at homes and other places is much more powerful than only gathering in rows on a Sunday. Why? Because this journey we are walking towards maturing our faith in Christ is hard to do it alone – actually it’s virtually impossible. We need each other and that is hopeless to accomplish only in 90 minutes a week on Sunday.

So, we applaud you for taking this next step of faith or even considering it. The benefits of joining a life group are numerous. Firstly, it provides accountability. Being a part of a small group of believers who meet on a regular basis ensures that someone notices when you don’t show up. It means that someone is asking follow up questions to what’s going on in your life. It is this healthy accountability that challenges us towards personal and spiritual growth in a way that the back row on Sunday simply does not.

Secondly, it provides belonging. It’s hard to feel a strong sense of belonging when you’re one person in a crowd on Sunday morning. But a group of people circled up in someone’s living room or around a table at a coffee shop? That’s where our attendees move from being Sunday morning consumers to participants in the life and mission of our church. It’s where everyone feels included – regardless of their beliefs, doubts or experiences.

Finally, it provides care. Every Sunday people show up carrying burdens that can’t be seen from the outside. And the systematic experience of Sunday morning doesn’t leave a lot of room for relational ministry. Our small groups are our one place where our group members can share authentically and allow group members to walk alongside one another through good and tough times

So, join a small group today – it’s never too late! There will be a list on the announcement presentation during the Sunday service and this list is looking to be made available on the church website as well. The church bulletin is also another place where this information is able to be viewed. Or simply ask any person wearing a badge on Sunday and ask which life group they connect with each week. Those people wearing badges are members at Fraser Coast Baptist Church and more than likely, are part of a small group, so they would be the best people to ask or they would know where to direct you at least.


Join a small group

Due to the size of the congregation, we have two main life groups at the moment. One is called, “Goldies” and they meet at the church on a Thursday morning at 9:30am. They sing around the piano, pray for one another, hold a devotional time together and conclude with lunch. This small group is available to anyone of any age who is available during work hours on a Thursday.

The second main life group is one that is held outside of work hours. Pastor Tim’s residence is the place they presently meet and it’s held on a Wednesday night at 7pm. Bible study, prayer and fellowship are usually on the agenda.

Stay tuned for more life groups to be available in the near future.


Host a small group

We are always in favour of people stepping up and providing a place to meet on a regular basis. This is where hosting a life group comes into play. As a life group host, you would be responsible for hosting a life group at your place, providing the hospitality needed to cater for the attendees and helping everyone feel welcome. Hosting a small group does not necessarily mean that you are leading a life group. They are two separate roles but let’s say for instance, that a member at FCBC would like to lead a new life group and they don’t have an appropriate residence for people to meet together. For example, their place is too small or there’s not enough furniture or it’s just too far out of town. Wouldn’t it be great if someone who does have an appropriate place to meet, be committed to hosting that life group by providing a meeting place on a regular basis and be hospitable while that life group meets? Please speak to Pastor Tim if hosting a life group would be something you could do in the near future.


Lead a small group

As described above, leading a small group is different to hosting one. As the congregation grows, it will be necessary to start more and more life groups. Therefore, this will rely heavily on members, who feel led by God, to start one up and lead.

Please notice that we mentioned members. We believe it’s very important that only members lead a life group as to ensure the validity of what is being taught. Fraser Coast Baptist Church abide by a number of essential beliefs integral to the Christian faith, which are listed out in the constitution. As only members promise to hold strong to these essential beliefs, it’s important that only members lead a small group. However, there may be a special case where this is not possible. Or the life group you have in mind is one where there will be no intention to study the Bible – just to pray for each other and encourage one another in the faith at let’s say, a coffee shop or a park. Therefore, in order for that life group to be advertised and endorsed by the church, what will be required is that a member at Fraser Coast Baptist Church be a regular attendee of that group.

If you are thinking about putting your hand up to lead a life group, particularly a Bible study, you may be thinking what will the group study? There a number of free resources available on the internet but Pastor Tim has access to an array of turn-key studies ready to be explored. Please speak to him personally or email him of course if you are willing to lead a life group. All proposed studies would have to be run by him first and training may need to be provided, depending on your experience. We ask that you’ll prayerfully consider this vital role in the life of the church and the building up of the body of Christ.


Coordinate small groups

We’re not there yet but we’re believing this church will grow. We know it can only grow if life groups increase and when they do, it’s going to require someone to put up their hand and coordinate small groups. Could this be you? Stay tuned for progress in this area as Fraser Coast Baptist Church is excited to see what this position holds.